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Policy Tracker

Helps you track all your policies offline and filter/ sort them according to your requirements. LIC Policy Tracker comes with a powerful set of filters that you can customize to suit your needs. Plot graphs to analyze your past/ present performance.

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* Policy Status * Loan Value * Surrender Value * Revival Quotation * ULIP Fund Value * Accrued Bonus * Premium Statement * Branch Locator * Doctors List * Agent Portal Services * DO Portal Services * CLIA Portal Services * LIC Portal Services

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Agent Services

- Policy Status of any Policy from all over India - Loan Value - Surrender Value - Revival Value - Current NAV as per LIC - NAV History - Premium calculator of LIC Website Support - Premium Payment Facility from LIC Portal - Doctor Locator - Branch Locator


Welcome To Policy Apps

Policy Apps provides one stop solutions for all LIC Agents & Development Officers, it's beautiful features and the most user friendly interface, even enables the people with the least of computer knowledge to use it with ease and perfection. It provides the ultimate solutions for all your agency development and back office work management needs.

  • Our products are secure and trused by users spread India wide. Geared with latest technology and a dedicated support team to assist you.
  • We provide state of the art solutions for LIC Agents, CLIA Agents and Development Officers. Manage your data from mobile or laptop.
  • Download all business records from your account. Manage and create reports with send personalised greetings and reminders, keeping your customers always upto date.
  • Take advantage of latest technologies in form of mobile Apps and desktop softwares to keep you business growing.

Some Features

This App is very useful for LIC Professionals.  This app includes following features

- Latest Policy Status of any Policy from all over India
- Loan eligibility of policy
- Surrender value of policy
- Revival Quotation of policy
- View accured bonus of policy
- Current NAV of LIC
- NAV History
- Premium calculator of LIC 
- Premium Payment Facility
- Doctor Locator
- Branch Locator
- Bank Detail

- Total policy list under Agent
- View policy due
- Lapsed policy list
- Birthday list of Policy Holders

- Total Agency List
- Agent Licence Expiry Report
- PAN card details
- IRDA Exam Hall Ticket
- IRDA Exam Results